Monday, 15 June 2009

Cheering up

Feeling a little better, due to three factors:

1. This amazing Jackson Pollock widget (see righthand side of blog, underneath 'subscribe to DD'). All you do is let your cursor lead you a merry dance. Every time you click, the colour of the trail will change. And all the colours co-ordinate with each other! It's heaven. I copied this from clever Suburbia's lovely blog, Moments from Suburbia. Thank you, it's really cheered me up!

2. Cadbury's chocolate peanuts. These, as I have already reported, are a little disappointing - very small in size, a bit similar in appearance, I'm afraid, to bunny droppings. They don't taste particularly chocolatey, either. Frankly, I prefer unknown brand Jamesons. BUT during my last few snarfing sessions on the sofa, I have chortled not inconsiderably over the back of the packet. Yes, laborious instructions on how to reseal the bag, to keep the contents fresh, when you put them away in the cupboard in between snacking sessions. Ahahahaha! As if!

3. Lovely friends. Thanks!


Margarita said...

I love the widget. LOVE it. Thanks for the entertainment ;)

family affairs said...

That is a brilliant widget - glad you're feeling a little better Lx

A Modern Mother said...

Glad things are looking up! Sorry we missed you on Sunday.

Lindsay said...

Widget Wonderful!

Suburbia said...

Thanks for the mention :-)

Just had a play with your Pollock, beats playing with your own Pollock any day ;)!!

Half Mum Half Biscuit said...

Great widget. So great I was going to copy it but then found the Matisse...have linked to you. I love your blog.

Exmoorjane said...

Oh dear, that is really very very easily I am distracted. How glad I am I don't have the chocolate... How stupid are manufacturers?
So glad you're feeling better - me too (must be something astrological going down).

rosiero said...

Loved the widget idea - I produced something that could quite easily hang next to the Picasso at the Tate Modern.

As for chocolate peanuts - so glad you took my advice. I am usually quite keen on supermarket own brands or Lidl's garishly-coloured ones or even Poundland. As for anyone who would want to reseal the bag until next time, who do they think we are?!!

Milla said...

what a fab widget, was in serious need of more time wasting - mind if I swipe it, too??

Jennysmith said...

Oh lordy! I want to go out and buy chocolate peanuts now, DD, thanks a lot! Supposed to be on a diet!

It was Carry On Screaming by the way. But I like your suggested title xxxx

Anonymous said...

Try the Marks and Sparks chocolate peanuts...bliss,


English Mum said...

I love it! I've wasted a ton of time on it already. Oh, and you're welcome (that's if you were talking about me) !!! x

Anonymous said...

Quite partial to chocolate peanuts! Hope you are well cheered up by now.

CJ xx

dulwich divorcee said...

Margarita, Family Affairs - I know, isn't it bliss? So glad I found it.

AMM, so sorry I couldn't make it! Sounds like you guys had loads of fun!

Lindsay - simply splendid!

Suburbia - glad you've popped over to play with my Pollock - thanks so much for finding it!

HMHB - your Matisse is a true masterpiece, I urge everyone to zoom over and play chez toi!

EJ, really pleased to hear you're feeling better, sometimes it's like a cloud lifting a bit, no real reason (apart from the Pollocks!) xx

Rosiero, I thought of it as strict orders rather than advice. I can't meet you on the Lidl multicolours but will be trying Poundland! Resealing is definitely for wimps ..

Milla, swipe away, it was stolen property anyway and I think we should spread the joy!

Jennysmith, sorry about the peanuts, but go on, you know you want to .....Carry On Screaming! How could I forget? One of the finest, definitely.

OOh, NWBD, M and S choc peanuts, now you're talking! Trouble is, no M and S for miles around, they're missing a trick here ....

Hi EM, of course I meant you! xxx

CJ, miles better now, thanks so much xx

Maternal Tales said...

That widget is fantastic. Have a good mind to steal it myself!! My picture was beautiful!! btw - you just have to pop over to mine and read something...only because of what you said about the chocolate 'll never want to eat them again...seriously!! x